Yosemite Day 3-4 — Yosemite National Park

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Adjectives fail me… I think Yosemite is one of the most amazing places on earth.

We rode 2 hours from Fresno to catch this first glimpse of Yosemite Valley just before we went through the tunnel.

First Glimpse of Yosemite Valley

First Glimpse of Yosemite Valley

Everywhere you look, it’s AMAZING!  This video is from the meadow at the entrance. There was a crowd of people watching El Capitan climbers through telescopes and binoculars.

My nephew joined us for the ride into Yosemite, here we are standing in front of Bridal Veil Falls. Not much water this time of year, but still a beautiful place!

Bridal Veil Falls

The Crew In Front Of Bridal Veil Falls

After checking into our cabin tent and a meal, we decided to go up to Glacier Point to watch the sunset and full moon rise.

Half Dome from Glacier Point

Half Dome from Glacier Point

Sunset is spectacular, bathing the stone with first a yellow light, then a pink light. You can just barely see the moon rising in the notch to the right of Half Dome in the second picture.

yellow light on Half Dome

First comes the yellow light on Half Dome

Pimk Light

Then the pink light.

It gets very cold at 7200ft elevation when the sun goes down, so we hustled down to the valley floor to get warm. The granite cliffs are very reflective, so the bright moonlight makes you feel like you are in a black & white movie. We visited the Ansel Adams gallery and the meadow before bidding adieu to Yosemite.

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