New Mexico – Day 2


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The four of us started off the day with a SPECTACULAR ride up the (old) 666 Devils Highway (now 191).

This is a bucket list ride, and I highly recommend it.

We finished up with a early dinner in Springerville, AZ. At this point the 1 of our 4 riders, who had never before ridden the Devil’s Highway, headed back to Flagstaff for his daughter’s college graduation. And then there were 3.

Our original plan was to Cannonball the 200 miles into Albuquerque. We thought that we had cleverly avoided the storm in New Mexico that was blowing northeast. We optimistically set out to fought 50mph crosswinds for 50 miles until we got to Quemado, NM., where we ran into the back end of the storm itself. Albuquerque was still 150 miles away, all of it through the storm. We decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and rode back to Springerville where we spent the night.

It turns out to be a good thing.

Here is the route we actually took on our second day:

Alpine, AZ