New Mexico – Day 3

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New Mexico – Day 3

The storm had moved on, so we were determined to make it to Albuquerque to have lunch with our NM friend, but before we even got on the road, one of us had an issue with oil. They were 2 quarts low since yesterday, and their rear tire looked a little suspicious. He made the (wise) decision to head back to town rather than go further.

And then there were 2.

We decided to press on to try to meet our friend in for lunch in Albuquerque. That didn’t work out, but we visited Sandia Peak.

We got to Madrid at 6pm. As anyone who knows the place, they roll up the sidewalks at 5pm, so Maggie’s Diner (now a souvenir shop) was closed. We stopped for pictures anyway, and the owner of the property happened to walk out, and invited us in. SCORE!! We had a great discussion about the history of the town and the shooting of the movie. A great time.

We then drove to Santa Fe, arriving at in the dark.