New Mexico – Day 6

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Most of our route decisions were made by the weather, which got progressively worse through the day. It started out cold in Silver City, but we thought we would try the NM-152 route.. right up until it started to freezing rain…

So we headed north towards home. Then it started raining near Alma, then started snowing in Alpine…

But we finally made it back to our favorite motel in Springerville, where we apparently looked like half-drowned cats. We looked so bad that the hotel clerk asked us if she could upgrade our rooms to the suites, for the same price, but she was afraid we wouldn’t be able to climb the stairs.

The rooms were AMAZING! huge, with in-room hot tubs. I sat down on the bed to remove my boots. I don’t remember falling backwards on the bed, but I woke up 4 hours later, still in my riding gear and boots, with my feet still on the floor. I guess I was tired.

Day 6 Route