2022 National Park Tour

With retirement came an opportunity to take a month long tour and visit of 17 states (below) and 8 National Parks I had never before visited by motorcycle.  I left on Aug 23 and returned home Sep 15.

This is part of my long-range goal of visiting ALL of the National Parks on my motorcycle. I trailered the bike for the long, hot and boring interstate stretches.  I then camped in the trailer for much of the trip. It took about 10-15 minutes to load or unload the bike by myself, so setting up ‘camp’ was less than 30 minutes overall.  It usually took longer to check into a motel room.


I met great people along the way, and I saw so many beautiful places that I will create individual pages for some of them.  I visited the following National Parks (in this order) on this trip:

National Parks
Noteworthy Roads